Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Antrim Coast Holiday Rentals

The first photo is the view from the cottage we rented in the Glens on the Antrim Coast, the second the actual cottage itself. Please read about this cottage & others that are rented to guests at the link below:

The amazing thing about this & the other homes that you can rent, is that they were derelict before being leased from their owners, and renovated for a time period of 20 yrs (after that they are turned back over to their original owners) this was done by the Irish agricultural department. We had a fantastic experience; the people who manage this project are the warmest, nicest people on the face of the earth; we were even welcomed with a wonderful welcome basket full of goodies. Prices are very reasonable; compared to what you would pay elsewhere. The views were breathtaking; and we were next to a working farm, we got to visit with all sorts of lovely creatures, the gate was right next to the drive. Very convenient to get to. Just watch out for the road signs which point to "the scenic routes", the driving can be a somewhat hairy experience, but worth it because of the fantastic views. We plan on going back next year.
I will post more photos later.

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