Friday, August 14, 2009

Hunter Mountain International Celtic Festival

This is rather late posting, but if your in the tri-state NY area, dont miss out on Hunter Mountains annual International Celtic festival, this weekend, 8/15-16th.

Cost is $14 for adults, but if you buy you tickets online, they are only $10

We've attended this for many years. We go for the music, the bagpipers, and the mass march of the bagpipers down the mountain, at dusk, Sunday evening. Brings tears to your eyes, honestly. They do have vendors, some interesting things, but I see a lot of the same vendors at their other festivals. The food is ok; inside they have UK food, but it's way overpriced for what it is. As Ive said in older posts about the festival, save you money if you want Irish food, and hit O'Neill's pub down the road. I do go to the Souvlaki/Gyro vendor, they also own a restaurant in Tannersville which I love.

There is a music tent, get in, grab a pint, and get ready for a day or weekend of fabulous music!! Hint: dont buy any festival shirts/sweatshirts until the end of the day Sunday, they want to get rid of them, and you can get them dirt cheap.

If your in the area, and want some other great places to eat, for Mexican food, go to Pancho Villa's in Tannersville, The Village Bistro (especially for lunch, they are the gyro vendors at the festival, their vegetarian platter is delicious) Selenas diner for some cheap good eats. The chinese restaurant in Tannersville is very good, and reasonably priced (take out)

Also, stop by the Mountain Top Clothing store on Main st in Tannersville. Clothing, shoes, candles, jewelry, hand made pottery. They usually have some good sales going on this time of the year. I get my Minnetonkas and Sorrell's on sale there. Marc & Lil the owners, are fantastic!

We will be at the festival this Sunday, drop me a line if your going!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Honest Scrap Award

Ive been tagged by Angela, at Fioresi Rocks, with this awesome award, The Honest Scrap Award. Its given to bloggers who write from the heart. If you follow both my blogs, you might be a little confused, I had originally meant this one to be everything Irish/Celtic, photos, events, etc. Yeah, well, given the events of the last year, my head is usually in a fog, so forgive me for cross posting what should have been on my other blog.

ANYWAY. I'm going to straighten my ass out about that. Soon.

These are the rules for the award:

1. Tell everyone 10 things about you they may not know but that are true

2. Tag five bloggers with this award

1. Despite all my whinings & rants about what a crip I am now, I was in the USAR. Even got selected to be a drill instructor. Now get down & give me 50.

2. I am totally ADD

3. I have a wee fetish for shoes. Have a whole walk in closet full. Same goes for handbags.

4. I have a position in public office.

5. My favorite book is The Raj Quartet, by Paul Scott.

6. I probably love UK TV more then American. Being brought up by an Irish woman did that to me.

7. My hubby & I moved in together after only knowing each other for 3 weeks. And have been married for 9 years, together for 12. And are still each others best friend.

8. I'm the local rescue mission for critters unwanted by everyone I know. Snakes, ferrets, dogs, cats, guinea pigs. However, the inn is now closed..temporarily. Have a 5 yr old guinea pig, 15 yr old ball python, 10 yr old lab.

9. Not to forget our Sweetie Peas-part Pekinese/Chilauha/miniature pincher. The child hubby and I never had together. The kids say shes treated better then them. Theyr'e probably right; she's better behaved.

10. I was offered the chance to submit my photographic work to a gallery, and didn't follow through. I'm stupid.

5 bloggers I'm giving this to: (wish I could give it to everyone who follows me!)

Missie-"What Comes Next"

DB-Vagabond Journeys

Cathy-Dare To Think

Mary-Rejected Truth

Shelly-Stampin Shelly

Sunday, June 14, 2009

East Durham NY Irish Festivel 7/3-7/5/09

Join us for the weekend or just for the day! Grab some friends & come back to East Durham!!!

Friday, July 3 6:00 PM - Meet & Greet Bonfire at McGrathsMusic by Dennis Gallery & Celtic JusticeFood & Beverages AvailableActivities for the Kids

Saturday, July 4 11:00 AM - Parade - Main Street, East Durham2:00 PM - Field Day & Baseball Game - Shamrock House
8:00 PM - Fireworks at the Festival FieldSunday,

July 5 12 PM - Memorial Mass of Intention at Our Lady of Knock ShrineSunday Afternoon MusicNIGHTLY AREA ENTERTAINMENT:Kitty Kelly Band & Peter McKiernan at Blackthorne, Celtic Cross at Gavins ($10 COVER CHARGE), Frankie Curran at Shamrock House, Celtic Justice at McGraths, Tara Gold w/Jimmy Gallagher & Mike Keogh at Furlongs and Tommy & Sharon at Stacks

Note: East Durham is located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, in Upstate NY. There is also a wonderful Irish Shop there on the main drag, be sure to visit before you leave!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One of my poor struggling roses. These were here when we bought the house, actually, we didnt even know they were there, until the next year come spring. I love roses, but dont know the name of this one.

Taken on one of our journeys.
Computers being the unpredictable creatures that they are, I try to back up all my photos on an external hard drive, or when I'm more productive, on Photobucket. My external hard drive is buried somewhere in the house!! So, as I promised, will find it, and post more photos tommorrow
These photos were taken shortly after I got my Olympus Evolt.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Antrim Coast Holiday Rentals

The first photo is the view from the cottage we rented in the Glens on the Antrim Coast, the second the actual cottage itself. Please read about this cottage & others that are rented to guests at the link below:

The amazing thing about this & the other homes that you can rent, is that they were derelict before being leased from their owners, and renovated for a time period of 20 yrs (after that they are turned back over to their original owners) this was done by the Irish agricultural department. We had a fantastic experience; the people who manage this project are the warmest, nicest people on the face of the earth; we were even welcomed with a wonderful welcome basket full of goodies. Prices are very reasonable; compared to what you would pay elsewhere. The views were breathtaking; and we were next to a working farm, we got to visit with all sorts of lovely creatures, the gate was right next to the drive. Very convenient to get to. Just watch out for the road signs which point to "the scenic routes", the driving can be a somewhat hairy experience, but worth it because of the fantastic views. We plan on going back next year.
I will post more photos later.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Delicious Irish Foods & Links

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy all the wonderful foods that the wonderful Emerald Isle has to offer! (Ok, I do eat foods from England too that are availabe in Ireland) A bane on those who declare that Irish food is bland!!!

Irish food can vary from the tried & true comfort food recipes, to downright haute cuisine. Whether it be the wee chipee down the street, where you can grab some fish & chips wrapped in paper, or on to the many diversified restaurants in Belfast or Dublin, don't let those with UK food prejudice dissuade you. There are also a number of online butchers here in the USA who bring their traditional Irish meat recipes from their native land. I will also put links in for regional butchers you can shop at. To be added to as I research more across the USA

Future posts (soon) will also feature recipes.

If you travel to Belfast, make sure you hit the Park Centre, in West Belfast. There is a Dunnes Department/Grocery Store, an Iceland, chemists & an independent butcher when you enter at the main entrance. (plus other stores) And Curley's supermarket on the Falls Road. Tesco's is another choice, a huge store with everything from Groceries to electronics.

Online Retailers in the US:

Tommy Moloney's

Food (check regularly for specials)

William's Pork (Irish & British Meats)

Irish/UK Retailers

Stewarts of Kearny (also in Point Pleasant NJ)

Prime Cut Irish Butchers
(718) 324-9262
4338 Katonah Ave Ste A Bronx, NY 10470 40.8999 -73.8674

There are many more Irish butchers in NY, please email if you have the links. A lot of Irish stores will also carry the basics; bangers, tea, candies. I usually shop at the Cross & The Shamrock in Hamilton twp NJ to grab some rashers & sausages.

Irish Pubs/restaurants~I'm not a big seafood eater; I'm allergic to shellfish, and when I have fish & chips, I don't want a big fishy taste to it. The best fish Ive found for fish & chips is either Cod or Haddock, both mild white fishes. And of course, home made chips. I have to admit hitting an Arthur Treachers whenever I see them.

Chow online has a directory & some reviews on Irish pubs/restaurants across the US.

Atlantic City also has some good Irish pubs/restaurants, check out NJ.Com for locations.

Please feel free to send me links/names of more that you know of