Friday, April 10, 2009

Delicious Irish Foods & Links

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy all the wonderful foods that the wonderful Emerald Isle has to offer! (Ok, I do eat foods from England too that are availabe in Ireland) A bane on those who declare that Irish food is bland!!!

Irish food can vary from the tried & true comfort food recipes, to downright haute cuisine. Whether it be the wee chipee down the street, where you can grab some fish & chips wrapped in paper, or on to the many diversified restaurants in Belfast or Dublin, don't let those with UK food prejudice dissuade you. There are also a number of online butchers here in the USA who bring their traditional Irish meat recipes from their native land. I will also put links in for regional butchers you can shop at. To be added to as I research more across the USA

Future posts (soon) will also feature recipes.

If you travel to Belfast, make sure you hit the Park Centre, in West Belfast. There is a Dunnes Department/Grocery Store, an Iceland, chemists & an independent butcher when you enter at the main entrance. (plus other stores) And Curley's supermarket on the Falls Road. Tesco's is another choice, a huge store with everything from Groceries to electronics.

Online Retailers in the US:

Tommy Moloney's

Food (check regularly for specials)

William's Pork (Irish & British Meats)

Irish/UK Retailers

Stewarts of Kearny (also in Point Pleasant NJ)

Prime Cut Irish Butchers
(718) 324-9262
4338 Katonah Ave Ste A Bronx, NY 10470 40.8999 -73.8674

There are many more Irish butchers in NY, please email if you have the links. A lot of Irish stores will also carry the basics; bangers, tea, candies. I usually shop at the Cross & The Shamrock in Hamilton twp NJ to grab some rashers & sausages.

Irish Pubs/restaurants~I'm not a big seafood eater; I'm allergic to shellfish, and when I have fish & chips, I don't want a big fishy taste to it. The best fish Ive found for fish & chips is either Cod or Haddock, both mild white fishes. And of course, home made chips. I have to admit hitting an Arthur Treachers whenever I see them.

Chow online has a directory & some reviews on Irish pubs/restaurants across the US.

Atlantic City also has some good Irish pubs/restaurants, check out NJ.Com for locations.

Please feel free to send me links/names of more that you know of

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