Friday, August 14, 2009

Hunter Mountain International Celtic Festival

This is rather late posting, but if your in the tri-state NY area, dont miss out on Hunter Mountains annual International Celtic festival, this weekend, 8/15-16th.

Cost is $14 for adults, but if you buy you tickets online, they are only $10

We've attended this for many years. We go for the music, the bagpipers, and the mass march of the bagpipers down the mountain, at dusk, Sunday evening. Brings tears to your eyes, honestly. They do have vendors, some interesting things, but I see a lot of the same vendors at their other festivals. The food is ok; inside they have UK food, but it's way overpriced for what it is. As Ive said in older posts about the festival, save you money if you want Irish food, and hit O'Neill's pub down the road. I do go to the Souvlaki/Gyro vendor, they also own a restaurant in Tannersville which I love.

There is a music tent, get in, grab a pint, and get ready for a day or weekend of fabulous music!! Hint: dont buy any festival shirts/sweatshirts until the end of the day Sunday, they want to get rid of them, and you can get them dirt cheap.

If your in the area, and want some other great places to eat, for Mexican food, go to Pancho Villa's in Tannersville, The Village Bistro (especially for lunch, they are the gyro vendors at the festival, their vegetarian platter is delicious) Selenas diner for some cheap good eats. The chinese restaurant in Tannersville is very good, and reasonably priced (take out)

Also, stop by the Mountain Top Clothing store on Main st in Tannersville. Clothing, shoes, candles, jewelry, hand made pottery. They usually have some good sales going on this time of the year. I get my Minnetonkas and Sorrell's on sale there. Marc & Lil the owners, are fantastic!

We will be at the festival this Sunday, drop me a line if your going!!

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